Review: Novel “Shadespire – The Mirrored City”

So I did a crazy thing: I read a book. Should you read it as well? Yes, it’s a good read! However if you do not have the time to read through (or hate reading?) take five minutes for this article. I will sum up the information relevant for WHU players (spoilers below!).

The Novel “Shadespire – The Mirrored City” by Josh Reynolds gives insights into the afterlife of the Katophranes, as well as the former citizens of Shadespire and those who came to the Mirrored city by coincidence or to seek glory and treasures. Apart of that we get to understand how the time and room mechanics of this city work.

I will ignore the book’s story and get straight to the points which are somehow relevant to WHU:

  1. Time goes by slower or faster depending on where a person is located. E.g. one minute in one place could be 10 years in the next street.
  2. The streets of Shadespire are ever shifting and this way it is hard or almost impossible to navigate towards it. These shifts often result in shards falling from above.
  3. Time in Shadespire progresses in loops and at some specific point/event the loop starts all over again from the creation of the mirrored city. Some individuals seem to remember what happened during prior loops, most do not.
  4. People who “die” in Shadespire will be resurrected. You just do not know when and where! Might be the same spot one minute later; might as well be another district 10 years later. However every time they die, people lose a bit of their character and memories.
  5. Through looping and resurrection there might be multiple versions of one person hanging around in Shadespire.
  6. There are keys hidden in Shadespire which each open the way to one of several vaults. Treasures seem to be hidden there, but of which value are they if escape from Shadespire is not possible?
  7. The Katophranes are bored to death (but can’t die) so they fight each other through crazy mind games. They are caught inside the shadeglasses, but can talk with the citizens of Shadespire (to manipulate them).
  8. Rumor has it that if the broken Faneway Crystal is reconstructed the curse of Shadespire will be broken. Pieces are spread all over Shadespire.
  9. The Warden was the leader of Shadespire’s guardsmen. Now he is strictly following Nagash’s will.
  10. Nagash is always watching the Mirrored City, but seems to no longer have direct control/access to Shadespire.
  11. Chaos gods do not have access to Shadespire. The blood god does not see the blood.

It is interesting how these points explain why e.g. Magore’s Fiends could fight another version of themselves, why they could die and fight again another day, as well as many of the cards such as “Frozen in Time”, “Hidden Paths”, etc.

Hope this knowledge will enhance your gameplay! Stay tuned.

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