WHU in the Arabic World

Previously on Losing in Warhammer Underworlds:

I attended the first Warhammer Underworlds Masters Germany in December.

Bringing along a hold objectives ghost gang I won the first two rounds im a rush of glory. And that was when the sh** hit the fan. I had to play the top-table in round three and faced aggressive SCEs who did not fancy my movement shenanigans at all and crushed me with brute force. Round four I was out of the race for the trophy and got stomped by Magore’s. Even though there was clearly no blood involved in this match-up his fiends clearly enjoyed turning WHU into a Hack’n’Slay adventure.

Well – what did I learn? Going full hold objectives can go well (and if it does the amount of glory obtained is hilarious), but against aggressive decks with a few good rolls, the sun does shine no more.

What next?

A quick summary of what I did recently: I moved to Dubai with my wife and kids. At Battle Zone Dubai I found (or was found by) a group of great people who run monthly tournaments and play every now and then.

Last week I visited them and played a match against Nic who later that day won the trophy (picture above). Thanks a bunch for letting me play your cards and miniatures, guys! It was a pleasure meeting all of you, even though Nic steamrolled me with his fiends (Full circle.).

I will get back with battle and meta reports from the UAE in my next articles and believe that might be interesting, especially comparing that to the European meta which I am still used to.

On top of that I will again prepare for a series of tournaments in July and August 2019 (staying in Europe for the summer – too freaking hot here o.O). Read you soon!

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