Warhammer Underworlds around the world

Shadespire.Blog will launch a series of guest articles written by fellow players from around the world. All of them will answer the same set of questions giving us insights into the local meta and competitive scene in their region.

These are the questions:

  • In which country/region/city are you mainly playing WHU?
  • Do you have access to all warbands? How easy/fast can you obtain WHU supplies?
  • Is there a competitive scene? Who organises events: players, Games Workshops, Local Gaming Stores?
  • How many players attend these events and how often do they happen?
  • If you should summarise your regional meta, how would you describe it?
  • Is your regional community influenced by the “global” meta (e.g. by Grand Clashes in the UK, Europe, USA, etc. or perhaps from facebook groups)?
  • Is WHU growing or declining in your region?
  • WHU: Online – Yes or no?

If you would like to write a guest article about your region, drop me an email to rob@shadespire.blog
Would be great to add some pictures which can be published along with the article (no faces of other people though – you must hold the right to publish the picture).

Looking forward to seeing how WHU is played elsewhere!

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