Warhammer Underworlds in USA / SoCal

David Cutts send in his thoughts about the WHU-scene in SoCal, USA. From my perspective the community over there always looked thriving so I was really curious about the following answers.

In which country/region/city are you mainly playing WHU?

I play in Southern California, specifically the Inland Empire.

Do you have access to all warbands? How easy/fast can you obtain WHU supplies?

Yes we have access to all the warbands, and we get them as soon as they are released from all the local game stores.

Is there a competitive scene? Who organises events: players, Games Workshops, Local Gaming Stores?

There is a great scene, mostly organised by local game stores, but a few GW stores have held events. We have 4-6 tournaments a month.

How many players attend these events and how often do they happen?

It depends on the location and whether or not there is a store kit on the line, but we have seen from as few as 4 player to as many as 16 at a local event. We can get to 4-6 events a month if you are willing to drive 70 plus miles. This year we are having a “local” Grand Clash at The SoCal Open, October 26th and 27th. Come check it out!

If you should summarise your regional meta, how would you describe it?

We have got some great players who are looking creatively at the game and the meta. As a whole some of us took the game a little to seriously mid to late season one, and that may have driven a few players away, but we have self corrected, and shied away from crushing souls.

Is your regional community influenced by the “global” meta (e.g. by Grand Clashes in the UK, Europe, USA, etc. or perhaps from facebook groups)?

It is impossible not to be! We all read the Facebook pages and blogs and listen to podcasts.

Is WHU growing or declining in your region?

I fear we are entering a dark time, season three should kick start Warhammer Underworlds again.

WHU: Online – Yes or no?

F*** yeah.

Thank you, David! I hope season three will bring even more players to the SoCal WHU-community.

Upcoming on shadespire.blog: I am going for the glass with Thundrik’s Profiteers and throw some Contrast on my inspired leaders!

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