Warhammer Underworlds in New Zealand

It is time to take a look on how WHU is doing in Middle-Earth New Zealand. Bryn Jones shares his insights with us:

In which country/region/city are you mainly playing WHU?

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, you know the place they made the Lord of the Rings, (we’ll probably never let that one go). [Red.: Me neither!]

Do you have access to all warbands? How easy/fast can you obtain WHU supplies?

It’s a mixed bag that one… It’s very easy to buy all the different official Warhammer Underworlds products. We have two great GW stores in the immediate region, together with ‘Mighty Ape’ the NZ version of Amazon, if you don’t mind waiting a few days to get a 10-15% off the prices.

However… The prices in New Zealand are the most expensive in the world for GW products, and it does limit what people are necessarily able to spend, making what is a pretty affordable game in other parts of the world somewhat less accessible.

Is there a competitive scene? Who organises events: players, Games Workshops, Local Gaming Stores?

The local GW stores run leagues that usually last six weeks, usually timed with the release of the new war bands and the quarterly organised play kits. That’s about the limit of the scene currently competitively.

How many players attend these events and how often do they happen?

There are about ten active participants across both stores and it is usually a combined league for the region as both stores are within twenty minutes drive of each other.

If you should summarise your regional meta, how would you describe it?

The meta is pretty casual! People play what they enjoy and the whole thing is pretty small fry in the global scene. A couple of the players (including me) have jumped on the Profiteers, and we have had a few people playing Mollog’s Mob recently. The vast majority of the better performing decks are aggro based. There is very little defensive play; people just seem to like going at each other and chucking dice.

Is your regional community influenced by the “global” meta (e.g. by Grand Clashes in the UK, Europe, USA, etc. or perhaps from facebook groups)?

I imagine so, it is hard to know what other people do, but I certainly try and follow what is going on.

Is WHU growing or declining in your region?

Probably remaining about constant currently.

WHU: Online – Yes or no?

I would love to be able to use it to practice the game, or play against people online, but for me it will most likely be down to how they manage the release of universal cards. I expect to have to pay for each warband separately (after whatever is included in the base game) but I would rather not have to pay for all the warbands again to get access to all the universal cards – just to be able to replicate the decks I already play (unless of course the cost is small enough to be negligible).

I fully expect it will be done the same way as in the physical game though to drive sales, so at that point it will depend on price I guess.

Thank you, Bryn! I already heard shocking nightmare tales about the GW pricing in Australia and New Zealand. Glad you guys still manage to stay in the game and I hope to visit Wellington again in the future to join you for some roll-offs.

Thundrik’s Profiteers will go for the glass on June 29th. Read you then!

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