European Team Championships ETC 2019 in Serbia

In August 2019 the European Team Championships featured a single and a team event for Warhammer Underworlds.

While the ESC (European Single Championships) did not differ from other big events the ETC is a unique happening and Team Germany enjoyed playing rough matches against seven different teams over two days.

One of the most important and interesting parts of the team event was the pairing at the beginning of each round. Every team had five players each piloting a different warband. First the team capatains would place an Attacker and reveal it simultaneously. Then the oposing team would place two defenders next to the attacker – of which one must be chosen to complete the pairing. This would be repeated until all attackers and defenders had been placed.

Smart choices during the pairing could decide about win or loss for the whole team which made this part of the ETC really thrilling.

Our first match was against Team Italy who eventually won the event with the increadible score of 7:0. Congratulations! It was a tight fight and we lost this one 2:3 by timeout.

Most of the other matches were equally fierce. So who else made it to Novi Sad?
England, France Blue, France Red, Poland, Russia and of course our host Serbia! We enjoyed each and every match-up and want to say thank you to all players, our judge (poor guy – hope he is fine!) and the organisers.

Award Ceremony – Team Italy placed 1st – Team France Blue made Best Painted

I will not write a detailes report about all the matches, but will quickly sumarise which meta was played.

Most teams played Mollog, Profiteers, Guardians and Coursebreakers. It is fair to say however that the MVP title goes to Mollog the Acolyte of the Katophranes.

I think Mollogs only lost matches against other Mollogs as it was almost impossible to stop him from scoring Acolyte of the Katophranes with 7 tomes in his bag.

The same technique was also used by Eyes of the Nine and Gitz (with good results, but not nearly as impossible to beat).

Apart of that Cursebreakers did what they are best at and Profiteers and Guardians showed that they are pretty well ballanced against every other warbands (except Mollog the Acolyte).

I played Thorns of the Briar Queen and think I did a pretty decent job winning matches against Coursebreakers and Guardians – but my deck was really bad against Mollog and the Profiteers.

That being said Hold Objective based playstyle did not really stand a chance against the strong and aggressive decks at the ETC. If I had chosen an aggressive Mollog deck instead it would have been better for our team – but on the other hand it would have taken out the diversity of the games. We are already starting to test new strategies for 2020 – and Team Germany will be back with a new Bag of Tricks!

You can download all teams’ decklists from the official ETC drive!

Next year’s ETC will happen in Luxembourg and Team Germany is looking forward to meeting all the new friends again! If you are interested in coming to the ETC 2020 and need help with establishing a team – feel free to get in touch with me.

Next up: Event overview – First Grand Skirmish Germany in Herford.

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