Grand Skirmish Germany 2019 – Herford, 30.11.-1.12.2019 is co-hosting Germany‘s first Grand Skirmish for WHU along with the head-organiser TG Play! Herford which is taking place on the last weekend of November!

While we try to get as many international players on board as possible I came across some doubts which I want to clear with a short FAQ.

What the f*** is „Grand Skirmish“? Is that stuff official?

Games Workshop invented a new tournament system for big events (60+ players) which is supported by GW in terms of prices, but not organised by them or part of a convention with a trade show (which would be the „Grand Clash“). I hope I got that right.

That means: Yes, it is an official tournament with fancy prices from GW.

How does the event work in terms of rules and schedule?

The main event will run on Saturday and Sunday. Day 1 will be five rounds of Swiss best of 3. Top 16 cut will play for the shiny trophy on Sunday.

Didn‘t make Top 16? Fear not! After the cut a full skirmish tournament will take place for the other players.

An official rules pack is available at

You wrote „official price support“. What will we get?

1st place will obtain the „Grand Skirmish Trophy“ by GW which even we do not know what it looks like (yet).

Tokens, alternative cards, etc. will be given to players according to their ranking similar to Grand Clashes.

On top of that we will have the official shadeglass trophies for 2nd and 3rd place, as well as shadeglass for the side event on Sunday!

That‘s not all: Frederick from TG Play! also organised fantastic tokens (for the Top 12) and playmats which every player will receive!

Objective tokens (you first place the normal ones and them replace them by these fancy shadeglass ones)
Playmats of Grand Skirmish Germany 2019

Ok, price support is fancy… but which other reason is there to travel all the way to Herford?

First of all: there is enough space to sleep at the venue! Just bring your sleeping bag and pad. No hotel cost, no further traveling.

Second: I have been to their tournaments before. The venue is fantastic and TG Play clearly know how to run big events. They also have the best food I came across (playing WHU tournaments). The entry fees include drinks and food!

Third: You can arrive Friday afternoon already and play friendly games at the venue.

Where do I register?

You can register at

Early bird discount is available until end of September and will save you 10€!

Also join our Whatsapp-group to ask questions and keep in touch with us and other players:

The earlier you register the more fancy stuff we can add to the price pool.

Will we use official rules?

Yes, we use the official Grand Clash rules.

Is there a cut-off date for errata, BAR-updates and such?

Yes, one week before the event players have to submit their lists. Any errata, etc. published by GW until that date will take effect.



That‘s all for now. Hope to see you in Herford! Let‘s make this big together 🙂

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