WHU around the world

Warhammer Underworlds in Canada

We are kicking off the new series of short articles about “WHU around the world” with a spotlight on Canada. Today’s guest author is Carl Hubes from Toronto, Ontario.

In which country/region/city are you mainly playing WHU?

I am based in Southern Ontario (mainly playing in Toronto).

Do you have access to all warbands? How easy/fast can you obtain WHU supplies?

It is fairly easy to obtain the warbands. A fair number of players have all the warbands. All of the stores carry Nightvault.

Is there a competitive scene? Who organises events: players, Games Workshops, Local Gaming Stores?

There is a healthy competitive scene that is organised by both players and GW stores.

How many players attend these events and how often do they happen?

The events are highly variable in player numbers. There are a few dedicated players who attend most of the tournaments and others who attend tournaments that are closer in geography to them.

Largest tournament I’ve attended in Southern Ontario had 21, but most tournaments are held with 8-12 players. When a new Organized Play kit is released there’s a tournament almost each week for a month or two then it becomes one tournament per month till the release of the next kit.

If you should summarise your regional meta, how would you describe it?

The meta is highly competitive. Players take warbands that are known to have higher win percentages. All players have a desire to win and thus put together competitive decks. We’ve also had players who have placed in the top three during Grand Clashes come to play at our local tournaments and have had a tough run.

Is your regional community influenced by the “global” meta (e.g. by Grand Clashes in the UK, Europe, USA, etc. or perhaps from facebook groups)?

Yes, I personally see many Grand Clash decks in my local meta as well as experimental decks that have been theorycrafted by local players (e.g. Godsworn Katophrane).

Is WHU growing or declining in your region?

The number of players was the highest with the release of Season 1 and dwindled until the release of Season 2. There aren’t as many players as the start but the ones who play are highly dedicated to the game.

WHU: Online – Yes or no?

Definitely yes in regards to WHU online. There are players who play WHU on tabletop simulator to practice and perfect decks.

Thank you Carl and all the players from Canada for these insights!
Up next is the article from our friends in China.